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A Typical day out with Dalyan Dive starts at 09:30 when we meet up at the Donmez Hotel in the centre of Dalyan near the river. At 10:00 we leave to board our boat which is waiting nearby, traveling down the river we arrive at our first dive site at 10:45am.

On the way to the dive site the experienced divers amongst the group are briefed and go immediately for their first dive of the day. After they depart the beginner divers are given their briefing and a short and uncomplicated lesson. Once this is completed the beginners are taken for their dive, each beginner has a staff member with them.

In the afternoon, we normally move the boat to a different dive site for another dive then at around 16:00 we head back to Dalyan arriving at around 16:45.

Diving for beginners who have never tried diving before are very welcome at Dalyan Dive. You are briefed about SCUBA basics and the SCUBA equipment. Most of it is for you simply information because the instructors and divemasters are in control all the time whilst you dive.

After the lesson and briefing you are taken for your first dive, in clear shallow water you are kitted out and able to experience your first breath underwater. Once you are comfortable with the equipment, we leave and start diving. On your underwater journey you will be able to see the beautiful and colourful creatures of the Meditteranean, ancient amphoras and the fish, of course, which you can even feed.

After your dive, you will have lunch on the boat and share your experiences with the other divers on the boat. After lunch you can swim, snorkel or just relax.

If you have already tried diving before (maybe in a swimming pool) or you feel comfortable in the water you might like to consider doing the DSD program.

The DSD program is very similar to the first day of the course. On our way to the first dive site you will be taught the principals of diving, the basic skills, underwater communication and how to prepare your equipment.

During your first dive you will have to show the supervising instructor or divemaster what you have learned. When you have shown them you can use the skills you have been taught and can control your own buoyancy, you can be taken a bit deeper on your second dive of the day, in the afternoon, you may even be able to visit a wreck.

Like the DSD divers, the experienced divers will have two dives, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. On the way to the dive site you will be briefed about the site you will be diving on. Because of safety and local regulations you will always be accompanied with a qualified dive guide.

After lunch and a rest the boat is normally moved to another dive site for your afternoon dive. Possible sites are listed on the "Dive Sites" page of the website.

All dives are made according to your experience level.

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