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Stingray Bay -

Just past Ekincik there is a lovely bay that is just like an aquarium. We anchor down near to the shore, where the water is shallow and clear. At a depth of 5 Metres there is a field of sea grass. On the left and right side behind the sea grass the rocky slopes start, the mountains around the bay carry on down under the water.

On these slope we will see amphoras, sponges growing on the rocks, many sea cucumbers and sea urchins and lots of fish of course. Around the corner where the slope turns into big steps there is a good chance of seeing stingrays hiding under the sand waiting for prey.

The slope continues for about 45 metres so we can easlily tailor the dive towards the experience level of the diver(s).

The Wreck of the Kurt -

Our boat will anchor down straight above the wreck of the Kurt, an old Gulet which is roughly 40 meters long and sank around 11 years ago, when it hit the top of an underwater mountain which rises from the sea bottom to around 1 meter from the surface.

The rock itself is a reef in the open sea where thousands of fish, sea urchins and starfish live and breed. The abundance of small fish attract the larger hunting fish which prey on them.

The wreck of the Kurt itself rests at a depth of between 7 and 14 meters, but we find more remains and furniture. If you look closely you will see ancient remains under parts of the more modern wreck.

The Cave -

As soon as we reach the sea we turn right towards Ekincik, very soon we reach the cave the entrance to which is at a depth of around 8 metres. The entrance itself is very big, so it is possible for the not so experienced diver to find out what it is like to go into an underwater cave.

Behind the first cave, there is another one however the entrance to this is much smaller so it is only suitable for experienced divers. The second cave has openings in the ceiling through which light comes in and plays with the water, creating a disco light effect.

After leaving the cave we dive down to around 20 - 30 metres where we will find a big rock and see Amphoras, Sponges in all kinds of colours, tube worms, sea cucumbers, triton shells, starfish, large and small fish, octopus, lobsters etc.

The Pinnacle -

This dive site is right next to beginners bay, and normally we start our dive from the North and head towards beginners bay. The Pinnacle is an underwater mountain which rises from a depth of around 40 metres up to less than 2 metres from the surface.

As we come from the North we first pass a huge field of sea grass, here you may be able to spot the creatures which hide from the hunting fish like combers and groupers. Sometime it is also possible to see sea horses and it's cousin the pipe fish.

Further to the west we pass several big rocks at a depth of between 15 - 30 meters, where sponges and tube worms live. From here we start our swin towards beginners bay where we will see more groupers.

Beginners Bay -

Past Ekincik Bay is where we find the dive location we call "Beginners Bay" which is very near Kizilburun. This bay is perfect for beginners and those discovering Scuba Diving. This is because it is shallow, the water is clear yet there is still plenty to see like Rainbow wrasse, baby groupers, various types of combers, soldier fish, sea bream, parrot fish and of course octopus, occasionally the area is also visited by barracuda.

We descend from the pebble beach and slowly descend to 3 - 5 metres where we find the remains of amphoras, the rocks where the fish hide and the tube worms grow and where we can play with the wrasses.

The experienced divers can go deeper passing a field of sea grass down to around 25 meters where the dusky groupers and the goldblotch groupers hunt.

Asi Koyu - Jeep Dive Safari

Whoever said you need a boat to go diving, we can prove him wrong! Aşi Koyu is one of the best dive sites in the area, if not in Turkey. However if we went by boat it would take around 2 hours to get there from Dalyan, but in our own boat it only takes around 40 minutes.

In the middle of the remote and paradise like bay there is a small island, here you will find groupers, little damsel fish coming for a clean up, moray eels and sometimes even rays. Also we find here nice remains if Turkeys' ancient history, the antique amphoras.

On the right side of the bay there are four caves next to each other, one in the shape of a tunnel, the way the light plays with the sea water makes this dive site unforgettable. And if you thought you would need coral to have colours underwater then check out the beautiful sponges in every colour in and around the caves.

Bozborun - Drop Off

We anchor the boat near to the shore in a shallow bay called Bozborun, the depth here is a maximum of around 16 metres. The bay is shaped like a bowl and here we find a lot of strangely shaped rocks. These have been shaped by the sea over the years as the sandstone has been eaten away to form mushroom shaped rocks adn rocks with large holes in them.

In the bay we find a lot of fish and other creatures that like to live around the holes and caverns like groupers, soldier fish and octopus. Also we find the remains of ancient amphoras in the bay.

As we go further out from the shore the depth increases to around 35 metres until we reach the drop off, a wall that plunges a further 20 metres straight down. Here you will have the sensation of flying, even the fish swim vertically here. On the wall we see sponges and plants in all sorts of beautiful colours.

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